Monday, 3 November 2008

This blog hosts from very simple day to day recipes to some delicacies. The site also hosts some simple home remedies and tips. I want this blog to be helpful even to a novice. I hope the newly weds would benefit from this site.

The recipes posted on the site are either from what I've learnt from my mom or inspired from the umpteen recipes available across the various blogs and sites. Ofcourse few recipes are my own innovation. :)

My friends have been inspirational in driving me to bring out this blog. I thank all my friends for their support.

About me -

I have spent my entire life till my marriage in Chennai. I've done my schooling from KVCLRI and did my BE Computer Science from Crescent Engineering College. I've worked for Wipro for about 5 years and quit after my marriage and moved to Hyderabad.

I'm a fun loving person. I value my family and friends the most. I love to spend free time catching up with friends, chatting, arts and crafts and experimenting with cooking. And the last one is the reason for this blog. Want to treasure even the simplest of the recipes I know and share it with friends.

Please post your queries here by clicking on the comments link below this post. You may -

1. Request for specific recipes. (only veg)

2. Clarify any doubts relating to specific recipes already posted on my blog.

3. Any other queries relating to cooking.

I shall respond at the earliest addressing the queries to the best of my knowledge.
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