Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Idly Upma with leftover idlies

You have quite few leftover idlies on hand. You are wondering what to do with them. Here’s a simple upma made with leftover idlies. This upma is quite common as most people make it.

Idly Upma

There are couple of other options you could do with idlies. Cut them into chunks and deep fry. Serve with sauce, chutney. They taste like vadas Smile But for today’s recipe, we shall see how to make upma with leftover idlies.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

DIY–Tissue Box as storage box

This is my first DIY attempt. I had come across this idea on Pinterest.

I have  a small dustbin near the sink to throw left over food from plate or the peels or waste from cutting veggies, cooking etc. I line this bin with the plastic covers I save from my trip to the veggie market. 

Banana Paniyaram

This paniyaram is a sweet paniyaram made with mashed bananas. If you are wondering what to do with over ripe bananas, then this is a perfect recipe.

If planning to make this for kids, you can use ghee. You could also make them as pancakes instead of paniyaram.


My DS started having this when he was 10 months old.
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