Thursday, 2 August 2012

DIY–Tissue Box as storage box

This is my first DIY attempt. I had come across this idea on Pinterest.

I have  a small dustbin near the sink to throw left over food from plate or the peels or waste from cutting veggies, cooking etc. I line this bin with the plastic covers I save from my trip to the veggie market. 


I used to find a lot of trouble in storing these plastic covers. First, I used to store them in the cupboard above the sink where I store all cleaning liquids, soaps etc. But I found this too messy. Next, I started putting all the covers in a plastic bag and used to hang it to a hook stuck on the side of a cupboard. I was fine with it except for the look of it until I then hit upon this idea and today finished making it. Took hardly 20 minutes. I’ve not gone fancy with the cover of the tissue box. Just wrapped in a gift wrapper. You can use any fancy idea for the tissue box cover. You can find a lot of ideas for making it fancy online.

Things You Need :-
  • Empty tissue box
  • Tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift Wrapping paper

  • Gift wrap the tissue box leaving the opening of the tissue box intact. Use tape to seal the wrapper. Insert the plastic covers/liners.
  • On the bottom side of the box, stick the double sided tape. I stuck at 3 places for better hold on the cupboard side.
  • Now stick the box at the place you desire. I put mine just above the dustbin to the side of the upper cabinet. I stuck it vertically. You may stick it horizontally or just not stick it anywhere and store it in a cupboard. :-)

Here’s the final picture. The bin and the bin liners in the tissue box above it.


I thoroughly enjoyed making it and felt completely satisfied with the result. I’m now sorted :-)
If you too have been facing this problem, try giving this a shot. Also let me know if you have any other ideas by leaving comments below.

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Poornima said...

it' s a good idea. rather throwing empty tissue box in a bin , can be used as plastic bags box..

Pavitra Venkat said...

Tnx Poornima :-)

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