Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Initially when I had purchased my oven, I was wondering how to use it more effectively. I googled and found few. I started using it regularly for my cooking. Microwave has definitely made my life easier. :)

As you might know, in MICROWAVE MODE we cannot use steel, aluminium utensils (even spoon) in the microwave when cooking. It would lead to the creation of sparks. When in CONVECTION MODE , one may use aluminium tray for baking. I've never used GRILL MODE so am not in a good position to give tips on that.

One can use microwave safe plastic bowls, ceramic bowls, glass bowls for cooking. Its best to use the microwave safe plastic bowls for reheating purposes rather than for cooking. Use glass or ceramic bowls for cooking.

There are a few things that you would need to buy apart from the starter kit provided. Few of them would be a vegetable steaming basket, pot for boiling milk, few microwave safe bowls. Also you may need a single or a pair of gloves to remove the dishes from the oven, tissue box and a cling film.

My oven's output is 750W. The cooking time mentioned would vary for different outputs. Adjust accordingly.

I have categorized the tips into general tips and cooking tips.

General Tips
  • Read the manual provided thoroughly before starting to use your oven.
  • Do not keep the oven too close to the wall. Allow atleast a feet from the wall.
  • Do not close the vents of the oven.
  • Do not cover the oven with oven cover while cooking. Once the oven has cooled down, you may cover the oven.
  • Get a cling film roll. You can use the cling film to cover the dishes while cooking foods that have no or very little water. This will help the food to cook faster, retain the moisture and tenderize it. Not all cling films are microwave safe. So look for microwave safe and food grade cling films.
  • If you are not comfortable with cling films, you could use a special microwave safe lid for covering dishes. These are lids have few vents for the steam to escape.
  • Have your glove handy. Fix it near the microwave. I've put mine to a hook fixed to the side of the fridge next to the oven.
  • Have a tissue box near the microwave always. Whenever there are spills, you can wipe them off right away, saving your time in cleaning the microwave glass plate. I've just put the tissue box over the vent to take a pic. Never close the vent. :)
  • To remove bad odor from the oven, place a small bowl with a cut lemon and little water in the oven and cook for 2 minutes. The odor would vanish. :)
  • You can have a tissue paper placed over the glass plate to avoid messing the glass plate from spills.
  • Clean your oven interiors with a mix of vinegar (1 tbsp), water (1 tbsp) and a 1 tsp of baking soda. It'll leave your oven sparkling.

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